Persian Gulf Petro Gas Company has started its activities since 2003 in order to supply the requirement of the country industrial sections, especially in oil, gas, petrochemical and power plant; and, in 2004 has become a member of Iranian Petroleum Industries Equipment Manufacturers Association. Now, the company is in vendor list of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC), and the most of companies affiliated to the oil, gas and petrochemical industry and also, National Iranian Copper Industries Company.

Also, in order to promote and develop its activities, the company has started to make contract or cooperation agreement with notable international companies like Argo Flare Services, flare tips and ignition equipment ( exclusive support with Persian Gulf Petro Gas Company), Taboosan in Turkey (LPG tanks and metal structures), Plantec in Italy (general engineering), Winteco in Korea (Spherical tank and double wall storage tanks), Recom in Italy (in instrumentation field).