Persian Gulf Petro Gas company has more than 10 years of experience in the field of designing and manufacturing of oil, gas and petrochemical equipment and also a number of specialized base (obtained from the Vice President of Strategic Planning and Control) and presence in most of the oil, gas and Petrochemical companies and National Iranian Copper Industries Company vendor list and having a successful experience in installation of monitoring systems is proud to introduce some of their abilities in the field of instrumentation:

1)      Supply all instrumentation equipment including all kind of analyzer, transmitter and measuring systems.

2)      Design, installation and implementation of combustion automation systems such as flame detector sensors, ignition and combustion control

3)      Design, installation and implementation of on-line monitoring systems in order to measuring the quantity of pollutants emission from stacks or process conditions evaluation including analyzers, sampling paths, gas preparation systems.

4)      Design, installation and implementation of gas monitoring systems in warehouses and industrial environments such as gas transmitters (toxic or flammable) with software systems, and linking them with F & G systems.

5)      Design, installation and implementation of environmental monitoring systems including all kinds of temperature, humidity, pressure, light, sound, rain, speed and wind direction transmitters.

6)      Design and installation of flow meter systems, pressure and level indicator in tanks and open/close channels and also, all kinds of pressure and differential pressure gauges.

7)      Professional consultation in the field of air pollution monitoring system including path finder, type and quantity of analyzers, having several agencies from European companies such as:

Several types of gas transferring and installation detectors, Recom (Italy)

This Company also, is capable to supply part of spare accessories and particular transmitters of ABB and Siemens brands, by indicating the original device serial number.